Elk Audio OS
the complete linux distro for embedded audio.
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What is Elk Audio OS?

Elk Audio OS is a complete embedded Linux distribution tailored for real-time audio applications. Elk provides the performance and reliability needed to transition from dedicated DSP systems to Linux in the development of your professional audio and music devices.

Xenomai vs PREEMPT_RT

Leveraging the power of a Xenomai dual kernel, Elk Audio OS delivers unparalleled deterministic real-time latency performance across multiple hardware platforms and audio processing formats, whether you're spearheading boutique audio projects or orchestrating large-scale implementations.

No interruptions, lower latency and less CPU consumption
Standard Linux
Linux with PREEMPT_RT
Elk Audio OS
Audio IRQ + scheduling latency + IRQ handling + driver data transfer

The complete system

Elk Audio OS is a complete system that includes several optional components and libraries designed to streamline your development with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Additionally, our dedicated development team stands ready to assist and advise in transforming your vision into reality.

Why choose Elk Audio OS?


Developer friendly

Elk comes with everything you would expect from a modern-day OS, such as a robust Yocto-based update system, a modern development toolchain, and a numer of optional components and libraries to shorten your go-to-market timeline significantly.


3 times the speed / 50% more power

Elk’s Xenomai dual kernel achieves latency performance as low as sub-1 millisecond. This makes it three times faster or provides up to 50% more CPU power compared to a Preempt_RT patch.


Multiple CPUs

Elk runs on a wide range of common general-purpose CPUs, including ARM and x86, making your product offering scalable across multiple platforms.


Multiple audio formats

Elk runs common audio formats such as VST2, VST3 & LV2 and the Elk Audio OS SDK allows existing software to be simply re-compiled for Elk.


Flexible licensing

Elk Audio OS is available under a flexible licensing scheme tailored to your specific needs and preferences, and every project is assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure you receive continuous support and guidance.