From first idea
To final production

Whether you need to jam out on a idea, record a fantastic singer from abroad,
or get input on that final mix, we believe the best time to do it is now.

Remote recording.

Expand your bedroom studio (or any studio...) to global reach and record anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Put the Elk plugin on a track and record straight in your daw of choice.

Live stream from your daw.

With Elk, you can stream your full mix to whomever you want to get a second pair of ears on it in real time. Get comments on your track and the changes you make right away.

Band practice online with ultra-low latency*

Elk has just a fraction of the lag you’ll find in a standard video call and allows you to play live together for real, with studio-quality audio.

*= To get the low latency needed for live jamming, fast internet & reasonable distance to fellow musicians is needed.

Plugin & standalone version.

Use the Elk plugin to integrate your remote Elk collaborations with your DAW workflow. Or don’t, and go straight for the standalone version for the quickest setup possible. 

Room & session management.

With the Elk Room management system, creating a virtual room for you and your regular collaborators to play together couldn't be easier. Or have your own private space for your one-off collaborations.