some words about Elk.

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what other musicians are saying about Elk

“I don’t need to take half a day to run down to Michael’s to put a keyboard on something. We can create music from our studios where we have our own specialized gear.”


Rock - Los Angeles (US)

“We found Elk to be totally transparent and reliable. It was super easy to use. I was able to focus on my playing even though we were in separate spaces.”

Ikiz Cabin Crew

Jazz & Beyond - Stockholm (SE)

“We all live pretty far from each other in Sweden. Three in Stockholm, one in Hudiksvall and I'm up in Sundsvall. It’s been revolutionary. Our only option to rehearse”


Folk Rock - Stockholm + Hudiksvall (SE)

“Coaching with teachers in another part of the state, workshopping a new piece with singers in different cities, and just making music together for the sake of making music!”

San Francisco Opera

Opera - San Francisco (US)

“The first night we used it, we already got to the point where it wasn’t just practising and writing it was like, “Hey, let's play this riff together and we’ll record it real quick.”

30 is Dead

Punk Rock - North Carolina + Pennsylvania (US)

"We use Elk to come up with ideas together. I'm always running my guitar through my DAW and from that to the Elk. Often we just jam, and when we get an idea, I just simply press record."


Heavy Metal - Denmark

"We hooked it up. And for the first 15 minutes of using it, all we could do was laugh in amazement. How is the happening? I cried laughing - it was unreal!"


Pop Punk - San Jose + San Diego (US)

"The world needs to know that live rehearsal and recording, but also avoiding long travel and travel expense, is possible now with Elk!"


Pop - Bologna + Udine (IT)

“for those whose musical collaborators might have moved a bit far away, this could be a really cool solution.”


Online Tech Magazine

"I can see it being used a lot by the jazz students, who can just jam and improvise together. And then of course, when students start using it, maybe they'll think of things that we haven't even started to think of yet."

The Peabody Institute

Education - Baltimore (US)

"Elk worked like a charm from the very first note of the concert. Because everything we played, we heard very clearly and with no latency. It felt just like a real gig."

Hyperreal & Nils Landgren

Live jazz gig - Finland + Sweden

“You honestly forget that we’re not in the same room. If I’m playing and I’m closing my eyes while I’m singing and everything, I feel like I’m right there which is wonderful.”


Prog. Alt. Rock - Massachusetts + Connecticut (US)